Yes, I’m alive. A miracle, isn’t it?

Just stopping in to share my first official radio experience as an author. Yesterday at exactly 4:30 pm Eastern time, I got a scheduled call from Kim Alexander of Fiction Nation on XM Radio for an interview. Kim had some great questions to ask and I managed to bumble my way through the answers — although Kim assured me I did just fine.

Except, of course, for the part where I forgot what one of my own articles was about (ELLE aka Enter Late, Leave Early) and had to be reminded. What an idiot. The segment is prerecorded, so hopefully Kim and her producer will be able to cut around that… :)

All in all it went pretty well, and I figure if I get a dozen or so of these under my belt, I should be able to breeze through it. Ha.

I’ll post the date and time of the broadcast. Until then — back to the salt mines.

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  1. Comment by Jeff | 11/29/07

    I’m sure you did fine, Rob.

  2. Comment by Jaden | 12/04/07

    Congratulations on the interview! I’m sure they’ll cut out that part.

    – Jaden

  3. Comment by kim alexander | 12/12/07

    Hi Rob-
    I am editing your show right now and you sound great – I did not know it was your first time at bat!
    Don’t worry, I cut that part out!
    Your show runs first on saturday december 22nd at 6pm east on Take Five, XM 155 and a bunch of times after that. Check my web site for the specific times.
    Talk to you soon-

  4. Comment by Rob Gregory Browne | 12/12/07

    Thanks, Kim. I’ll mark my calendar.


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