Writing Out Loud

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  1. Comment by spyscribbler | 10/04/07

    Can’t listen to music in the background. VERY rarely, IF it’s world music with quartertones, then I can sometimes listen to that, and write in the background, LOL.

  2. Comment by Kathy Holmes | 10/05/07

    LOL! To answer your question, absolutely! I have different themes for different books. Music gets me in the zone, although I do admit there are parts of the book where I can’t listen to music.

  3. Comment by Kathy Mackel | 10/22/07

    I can’t write without headphones on. I listen to Steve Bell. Best way to describe him is a Christian “folk” singer without the annoying twang. Or my muse. Or maybe my captor?

    Beats “Oh Man-an-dee…you came and you gave…”

    Augh! Kiss HER goodbye.

  4. Comment by Sean Chercover | 10/25/07

    Oh my… I don’t know if I’ll ever get you singing Mandy out of my head. That was hilarious, man. I usually listen to music while writing. But if it has words, it has to be something I’ve heard thousands of times before. Usually I go with jazz, and avoid the words altogether.

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