Okay. So here I am, on Thrillerfest day three — Saturday morning. It’s 7AM and I didn’t get to bed until three… but I seem to be functioning, somewhat. Although everyone keeps telling me I look tired.

But then I think I always look tired.

Last night was the St. Martin’s Press party and, as usual (like Bouchercon), it was packed to the gills and a load of fun. It was great to see Matt Baldacci again and I got to meet my editor, Marc Resnick. It’s nice to finally be able to put a face to the voice and we actually managed to squeeze in a few words about the trajectory of my career.

For the second time in the day, I ran into Greg Huffstutter, a great young writer who often comes to this blog.

Most of the Killer Year crew was there and we all stood, along with Lee Child and MJ Rose, for a group photo for Killer Year: A Criminal Anthology, coming out in early 2008.

A bunch of us attending are privileged to be represented by Trident Media Group’s Scott Miller, and we cut out of the party to get steaks and seafood at Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Grand Central Station. Great food, great conversation.

Then it was back to the bar, where I made the rounds, hanging out a bit with Scott, Brett Battles, Sean Chercover, JT Ellison, Chris Kuzneski, Tasha Alexander, Marcus Sakey, Elle Lothlorien, Phil Hawley, John Gilstrap and countless other talented souls, and some of us didn’t get out of there until the bartender turned the lights on and kicked us out.

Somewhere in there, Elle Lothlorien and I slipped away to a private room where the Thrillerfest band was rehearsing for the banquet tonight. Elle has taken on keyboard duties and was ripping up the room with the likes of Michael Palmer, Harley Jane Kozak, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, F. Paul Wilson and a bunch of other musically inclined authors. Since I won’t be attending the banquet tonight, it was nice to get a taste of what the attendees have in store for them.

Anyway, after the bartender told us to get lost, I stumbled sleepily up to my room where the wife and daughter were out cold after a long day of shopping and sightseeing in Manhattan.

And now, of course, here it is, seven in the morning, my eyes pop open and I’m ready for another amazing day….

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  1. Rob
    Comment by Rob | 07/14/07

    Sounds great, Rob. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next year.

  2. Comment by gregory huffstutter | 07/17/07

    ThrillerFest was loads of fun…. for young writers looking to network, meet debut and established authors, learn about your craft, and knock back a few beers, don’t miss it in ’08.

    Rob was right about the conference being bad for your sleep patterns. Unless you’re like me and have an infant at home…. in which case, you’re estatic with more than 5 hours of pillow time.

  3. Comment by Carla Neggers | 07/19/07

    Ah. So now I know why you were stumbling toward coffee when I ran into you on Saturday morning. It was good to see you! I enjoyed meeting so many new faces…I was only at Thrillerfest on Saturday and Sunday but loved it. It’s a conference with something for everyone.

    I got home late Wednesday and therefore missed the steam pipe explosion barely a block from the Thrillerfest hotel. That had to be scary.


  4. Comment by Rob Gregory Browne | 07/19/07

    Hey, Gregg — it was great to finally meet you!

    And, Carla, seeing you again was one of the highlights of the conference. I heard about the steam pipe thing and thought about you, because I remembered you were staying later. Glad you missed it.

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