Thank You, Virginia & Jennifer

I want to thank Virginia for her recent email about Kiss Her Goodbye. I’d do it privately, but the email address she used is either not working — or simply doesn’t like me as much as Virginia liked the book.

Zach and KHGSo, thanks, Virginia, for the kind words.

I also got a comment from one of our regulars here, Jennifer, who says she’s sorry she missed the “send me a photo of my book” contest a few weeks back.

The photo on the left is Jennifer’s contribution: her son Zach, doing exactly what mom told him to do… :)

Thanks, Jennifer.

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  1. Comment by Donna Kuyper | 06/25/07

    Robert, I’m sorry I missed this contest too. I am logging on from the bush in Africa, at a camp called Mala Mala where today I saw rhino, elephant, a leopard with a kill in a tree, baby wild dogs, baby hyena, and mating lions. And that was just the afternoon drive.

    But the real reason I’m taking the time to write is because in Jo’burg airport, at the International section, I went into a small bookstore. They had a display of books that were obviously good sellers, thrillers mostly. And what should be in the middle of these shelves of some 15 face-out novels by top writers? Yes, KISS HER GOODBYE. I took a photo so I’ll upload it when I return home. Boy, you’ll have to tell me whether you feel it was your agent or publisher who’s responsible for that kind of placement.

    From the bush,


  2. Comment by Rob Gregory Browne | 06/25/07

    Donna, I’m flabbergasted. To be honest, I have no idea whose responsible, although I’d guess it’s my publisher, Macmillan.

    Thanks for this. And I look forward to seeing that photo!

    As for you time in the bush — enjoy. I’m sure it’s an amazing experience. One I’m not sure I’d want to share… but amazing nonetheless.

  3. Comment by Jennifer | 06/26/07

    What a cute kid! Oh wait …..that’s my kid. LOL I can’t wait for Donna’s picture to arrive that is an awesome story!

  4. Comment by Graeme Stone | 07/18/07


    I’m actually trying to track down Donna Kuyper who I met last year and this year at ITW. Since she commented at your blog, I thought you might know her. Donna managed to meet Dan Conaway (of WritersHouse), the one agent I wanted to meet. We traded info, but I lost hers. Would you forward my info to her. I wouldn’t ask, but I’ve Googled and I can’t a way to reach her.


    Graeme Stone

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